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  • January 19, 2015

    51 years ago, a great American speech was delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. There are few surprising statistics you may not know about that famous oration.

  • December 21, 2014

    Dave Reed and Terry Watson have a great time teaching NSA Illinois chapter members how to grow their business using tools from eSpeakers. You can see the whole thing right here.

  • October 15, 2014

    Announcing the new Book Me Now button, a site plug-in that presenters add to their own websites. The Book Me Now button reminds visitors why you're there, and gives them an easy way to contact you. It's included with speaker PLUS and PRO accounts, so get started!

  • July 3, 2014

    eSpeakers is at the World Education Congress (WEC) to cut the ribbon on the new Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Speaker Resource, powered by eSpeakers Marketplace. Great reception from the chapter leaders we presented to, and a lot of great feedback about how make it even easier for them to hire speakers. We learned a couple of specific things that speakers can do to be hirable.

  • June 29, 2014

    We were gratified by the response to our sessions at NSA (Platform!). Thanks to everyone who packed the standing-room-only sessions. The handout for the 9am session on profile marketing is here, and for the 10am session on backoffice here.

  • May 11, 2014

    eSpeakers presents 2 sessions at the National Speakers Association Convention in San Diego. Both are on Sunday June 29. At 9:00am Joe Heaps will present "The Secret to Staying on the Platform — Attract, Promote, Sell". At 10:00am Dave Reed and See Agency's Christa Haberstock will present "Events, Tasks, Calendars: Inside the Busy Speaker's Office". The sessions are designed for all speakers who want to accelerate their business and we look forward to seeing you there!

  • April 8, 2014

    We are clean! You may have heard about the widespread "Heartbleed" security vulnerability that affects many websites. Our diligent system administrators have gone over all our servers and found them free from the vulnerability. Just thought you'd like to know.

  • Feb 2013

    We're excited to welcome SmartMeetings as our newest partner using Marketplace to help meeting planners and event organizers hire the perfect speaker.

  • Dec 20, 2013

    A brand new version of the iPhone app has just been submitted to the iTunes store. It usually takes Apple 2-3 weeks to process before it's available. Look for version 2.0 to know you've got the latest. iPad version to follow!

  • Dec 11, 2013

    We want to congratulate long-time eSpeakers PRO user Toni Newman on becoming the latest recipient of the prestigious CAPS Hall of Fame award.

  • November 1, 2013

    New profile permissions for speakers have been added. Read about the changes and confirm your settings.

  • September 27, 2013

    Android apps are now available on the Google Play store. Access your speaking calendar and event details on the go. Available for both phone and tablet.

  • July 5, 2013

    eSpeakers Marketplace launches, providing an amazing new way for meeting planners and event organizers to hire the perfect speaker, every time.

  • June 24, 2013

    Busy weekend! Major back-end upgrade to support the new Marketplace features. Please do let us know about any oddities you find with your existing services.

  • June 21, 2013

    eSpeakers Marketplace launches — an amazing new resource for meeting planners and event organizers. Check it out!

  • March 11, 2013

    Announcing that verified recommendations can be used by speakers right now. Give potential buyers increased confidence in your online profile. No time like the present to get started — it only takes a few minutes!

  • November 28, 2012

    Our best wishes go out to the family of Zig Ziglar, who passed away today after a bout with pneumonia. One of the greats of our industry, he will be missed. Zig's Facebook page has more information.

  • October 10, 2012

    The updated iPhone app is available! If you're an iOS 6 user, be sure to check your App Store icon and grab the latest to avoid any problems.

  • September 10, 2012

    GoDaddy DNS trouble affects (among millions of others). eSpeakers services are NOT hosted at GoDaddy, but our domain name was registered there and the DNS outage at GoDaddy today means that your computer doesn't know the specific numerical Internet address it should use to reach our (healthy) servers. We'll continue to monitor the issue and encourage GoDaddy to restore DNS service for us. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • August 3, 2012

    Just finished another great webinar with advice for professional speakers who want to grow their business. Ed Tate and Eileen McDargh both provided some great tips. If you missed it live you can watch the replay.

  • July 5, 2012

    If you'll be in Indianapolis for the NSA Convention, book your free one-on-one consultation with an eSpeakers pro. Discover how eSpeakers can help you grow your business. If you are already a member, we'll work with you to make sure you're getting the most from your service.

  • June 29, 2012

    The move to the new data center is complete and looking good! Faster machines, faster connections, and faster disaster recovery (we hope we'll never use that last one).

  • Apr 19, 2012

    As a service to the speaking community, we sponsored a great webinar including Patricia Fripp's "How to be powerfully pithy" and a marketing technique from Joe Sherren. The recording is available.

  • Mar 30, 2012

    eSpeakers is in Gold Coast, Australia today making new friends while we celebrate the launch of the NSAA's new directory.

  • Feb 25, 2012

    Enjoying the fabulous Lady & The Champs event in Vegas with longtime friend Patricia Fripp.

  • Feb 17, 2012

    We're please to launch the free new SpeakerRadar service. Just keep your calendar updated in eSpeakers, and we'll let you know about other speakers who will be in the same areas you travel to. You never have to have dinner alone!

  • Feb 3, 2012

    If you're in Dallas this weekend, stop by and say Hi to Joe and Dave at the NSA Winter Workshop.

  • Jan 17, 2012

    Coming in February:
    Joe Sherren presents a 45 minute webinar about an automated tool that turns your contact list into new engagements. Watch your inbox for details.

  • Nov 26, 2011

    eSpeakers is excited to be with our Canadian friends this week in Toronto for the CAPS convention.

  • Oct 5, 2011

    New feature: National Speakers Association members with Starter accounts now have a way to link video to their profile. Check out the new the "video-link" field on your profile.

  • Sep 30, 2011

    Amazing new video plugin adds eSpeakers new iPad-friendly video to your own website.

  • Sep 27, 2011

    Better than YouTube! eSpeakers launches all-new video system with easy uploads and gorgeous iPad-friendly video on speaker profiles.

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