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CVPThe Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) badge lets everyone know they won’t have to worry about your remote setup. The assessment only takes 20 – 30 minutes and is discounted from $85 to $49 for Maxwell Leadership Members.

If you want to set yourself apart from your colleagues and make it easier for those looking for an online speaker, you can gain the Certified Virtual Presenter badge and proudly display it on your website, email signature, online profile, and other marketing material.

Next Level Virtual Skills

Virtual Master Presenter badgeGetting your CVP badge is step one. When you’re ready to learn how to engage your virtual audience and run compelling online meetings that the attendees remember, take the Virtual Master Presenter course.

NOT Tech Savvy and want to be certified?

Virtual Presentation InstituteAdd this ADDITIONAL training from the Virtual Presentations Institute. This video-based training course will prepare you in every way to pass the CVP assessment the first time.

Use coupon code MLCT22 to get the training for just $135.

That fee includes the $49 assessment at eSpeakers; don’t pay separately for the assessment if you order this training.